Unlike Apple devices, Android and Windows Phones phones and tablet are equipped with NFC cheap and you can send and receive files via NFC between both platforms. In this AW Article we have tested sending and receiving files between Nexus 7 2013, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, LG G2, and HTC 8X as our Windows Phone 8 device, and here is an A-Z guide for data sharing via NFC.

Supported data that can be shared via NFC are: Address of web pages, contacts, link of YouTube videos, Images, Music, and Documents
*Note that some devices use Android Beam (S Beam on Galaxy devices) to send and receive larger size files, and Bluetooth or Wi-Fi are the connection method for sharing such files.

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The first thing you need to do, to Send and Receive files via NFC, is turning on NFC and Android Beam on Android devices, and Tap+Send on HTC Windows devices.

How to Turn On NFC on HTC 8X:
1. Open Settings, scroll down and open Tap+Send.
2. Enable NFC sharing


How to Turn On NFC and Android Beam on Android
NFC and Android Beam (S Beam) settings, can be found under Wireless Networks settings, and the following screenshots show how to turn on NFC on different Android devices:




How To Send A Webpage Address from Windows Phone to Android

On your Windows Phone device (HTC 8X), do as follows:

1. Make sure NFC is enabled on both devices

2. Open Internet Explorer and go to the webpage you want to share

3. Tap the 3dot icon on the bottom right, tap Share Page

4. Select Tap+Send as the sending method

5. Now, tap your phone a gainst another device in the back (where the NFC tag is located)

6. On the receiver device, the shared web address is opened in the default browser


How To Send A Webpage Address from Android to Windows Phone

1. Make sure NFC is enabled on both devices

2. Open browser and go to the web page you want to share

3. Hold the devices back to back

4. Touch to beam on the sender's device

5. A confirmation message appears on the HTC 8X, accept to receive content


How to Send A Contact From Windows Phone to Android

The process is just like sending a webpage from Windows Phones device to Android device. Make sure NFC is enable on both devices and do as follows:

1. On the People application, open the contact you want to share details

2. tap the 3dot icon on the bottom right

3. Select Share contact, and then tap the Confirm button on the middle button

4. Tap Tap+Send to send contact via NFC

5. and now, go ahead and tap your phone against the Android device

6. Contact is imported immediately and saved automatically on the Android device (all the details including the contact's photo is imported).

How To Send A Contact from Android to Windows Phone

First make sure NFC is enabled on both devices, and then do as follows:

1. Open the contact to be shared on your Android device

2. hold the devices together (back to back) to start the connection

3. Touch on the Android's screen to Beam

4. Confirm the Receiving content message on HTC 8X

5. The contact is imported immediately and you just need to save it on your phone

How to Send a Picture/Music from Windows Phone to Android (and From Android to Windows Phone)

Unfortunately we couldn't send multimedia content between Android and Windows Phone platforms, and we could just send pictures between the Android devices and Windows phone devices separately.
When trying to send from Android to HTC Windows Phone 8X, we received this message on the sender device: The Receiver's device doesn't support large file transfer via Beam.