S Beam connects two Samsung phone with NFC technology to transfer files like Movie, Picture, Music to each other via WiFi Direct. You just need to hold 2 devices  near each other and enjoy transferring file. As we showed in one of our Android tips (How to share with S Beam), after choosing the file to be shared, you need to hold the phones back to back and after a while the transfer starts, and thanks to WiFi Direct the transfer finishes in a blink of an eye.
You may ask, what is the difference between Android Beam and S Beam? Well, we can say Samsung kind of developed the idea of Android Beam and introduced S Beam. Here we compare S Beam to Android Beam:

1. They both used NFC technoloy to start pairing and connecting two phones

2. Android Beam uses Bluetooth to transfer files, but S Beam uses WiFi Direct

3. Transfer rate speed in S Beam reaches over 300Mbps, and for sure it is far more suitable for file with big size

Note that as we tested, this feature works only with 2 Samsung Galaxy S3. Let us know if you could use this feature on the other Samsung Android devices too.

In the following infographic, you may see the steps to transfer files, and the comparison between Android Beam and S Beam (Click on the picture to view it in actual size, or Click Here: Share Files with S Beam)

 Transfer file with SBeam