The term “Root” literally comes from the tree root, but in Android, Root means accessing to the core of the Android which everything is running or operating. In fact, by rooting Android, you have a full access to the system files and you have a total control over the operating system. Although Android OS is a high customizable platform and lets you do customization on many things, but it still tights your hands. In case you root your device, then you can do whatever you want with it. Next, we are going to discuss if you should root your Android device by providing 8 reasons to do so:


1.Remove System Apps:

When you buy your gadget, the manufacturer of the device has installed some apps by default on the device. Some of these apps which are not a few are useless for some users and unused. Some applications are also available in certain countries. If you didn’t root your device, then you aren’t able to remove these apps and thus there is always a big amount of your memory occupied. With rooting your device you have this option to remove these apps.

2.Freezing and disabling programs:

Some programs are running automatically in the background and occupy some amount of Ram, so it reduces the speed of the phone. Having a rooted device will let you freeze these unnecessary programs and activate them only when necessary.

3.Determine CPU frequency and overclocking it:

Your Android device has a CPU with a predefined working frequency. Then, if your device is rooted, you can change this frequency and you can increase it for better speeds and actually overclock it. You can also install apps such as CPU Tuner which lets you control the frequency at different intervals. For example, when the battery is below 20 percent then reduce the frequency or when the screen is off for a specified time then set the frequency to a desired number.

4.Reduce Battery consumption:

There are several applications that are used to set the battery level. One way to reduce the power consumption is to use these applications. Applications such as Greenify, or powerful task managers such as DX Battery Saver and DX Toolbox which by applying correct settings, reduce the consumption to the lowest.

Another option is to calibrate the battery. Using the gadget for a long time or changing ROMs (even official ROMs with root access) makes the battery to malfunction. In order to bring back the battery to its normal state, we calibrate the battery which can’t be done without root access.

5.Remove the themes:

Manufacturers like Samsung, HTC and Sony install their default themes on the gadgets when they hit the market. These famous themes are unique to the producer and some of them are Touchwiz, HTC Sense and etc.

These themes are integrated in all part of the Android. Although these themes are updating everyday but they are making the phone slow. Moreover, removing them is not an option too. But, in case you have a rooted phone, then you can install ROMs which don’t have these themes installed on them. For example you can search about the AOKP and Cyanogen ROMs.

6.Updating Android:

Manufacturers are normally making some delays in updating the firmware of their gadgets as the Android operating system gets an update. It may take a while for some gadgets to get the update, or some of them may never again get an update, which this brings dissatisfaction to users. If you root your device and install Custom Recovery Mode such as CWM then you can manually install new ROMs and update your phone.

7.Various Options:

If you root your device, then you have so many options as advantages. You can use Keyboard manager app to have two keyboards one vertical and one horizontal. You can connect a Play Station game controller to your gadget or enable the USB on the GO (this option is not available on all devices) or you can create gestures and swipes with GMD Gesture Control, so to do your tasks faster and easier than before.

8.Change the main font and skin:

Changing the font in all part of the operating system requires root access, unless you have a Galaxy or LG phone, which we fully-discussed it before.

Although you can change icons if you install a launcher, but still many users prefer the original launcher because it has a perfect compatibility with the phone. By installing and using apps such as Unicon you can use variety of beautiful icons on your original launcher.

Options and features which you may gain by rooting your phone are not limited to the mentioned in this article, but the discussed ones are already enough to show the importance of rooting.

In the next articles, we are going to discuss more about rooting an Android device.