As Android OS supports installing separate keyboards, it’s easy to setup a new keyboard and enjoy set of different capabilities of it. In this article, we are going to get familiar with one of the most famous keyboards in the market: SwiftKey Keybaord for Android. SwiftKey is one of the most popular and favorable one among the users too.


SwiftKey is considered as one of the best keyboard for Android, and this is because it is smart and easy to use. In addition to predicting the words when entering its characters, it can predict the next words, even before starting to enter them. Moreover, it has the learning capability, which means the new words can be added to its dictionary. The keys arrangements are such that make using it easy and minimize the possible errors. One of the useful features of SwiftKey is entering the words without picking up the finger from the screen and just by sliding it on the keys, something similar to Swipe keyboard. Other features of this keyboard are as follows:

  • Support for 60 languages
  • Ability to enter words by voice (English)
  • Simple word entry
  • Predicting words based on the sentence type
  • Ability to learn new words
  • Specially optimized version for tablets

Usage Manual

After installation, open it. A 5-step first time guide will prepare the SwiftKey for use. The first step should be the downloading the default language from the server. Other languages ​​can be added to the application later on. After downloading and installing the language pack, you should select the keyboard to be shown on the keyboard list. In the third step, you can select the SwiftKey as the default one. Next is a brief training of the application and finally the last step is for learning your used words in the social networks (adding words that you frequently used in social networks). After these five steps, you can easily use the app. To setup the keyboard you should go to Settings / Language and Keyboard / SwiftKey settings page.


Personal Experience

By installing this keyboard, you will definitely forget all other keyboards. Intelligently guessing the words based on the sentence and subject is totally an awesome feature. The keyboard is designed to minimize the errors in entering the keys. And moreover, the keys are big enough. As noted the SwiftKey can get the words by voice too. For now this feature is just available for English language. In the settings section, there are several interesting options which would help the easiness of the keyboard.


Download SwiftKey Keyboard from Google Play