Samsung Kies does three main tasks for Samsung Galaxy owners:

  • BackUp and Restore Content and Data
  • Sync Personal Information and Multimedia
  • Firmware Upgrade

We already showed you how to create backup and restore data with Samsung Kies. In this article we are going to show you how to to manage your contacts, schedules, music, photos and videos by syncing the all at the same time. Connect your Galaxy device with a USB Cable (Or via a Wi-Fi connection), make sure you have the latest Kies version installed, and then do as follows:

1. Tap the "Sync" button to go to Syncing menu. As you can see, you can mark "Sync Automatically when device is connected" to automatically sync data.

Sync Data with Samsung Kies

2. In the Personal Information, you can sync your contacts with Outlook, Google, Yahoo, Windows Contacts.

Sync Contacts with Outlook

If you choose Google or Yahoo, a pop up appears and asks you to enter your user name and password.

Sync Contacts with Gmail

When choosing Outlook, you specify syncing direction, which are: Apply to bith device and Outlook, Apply to device only, Apply to Outlook only.

3. The next is; Sync Calendar with Outlook.

you can select All your schedules or selected scheduled folder to be synced. and you also get choose a period to be synced

Sync Calendar with Outlook

4. In the sync Tasks with Outlook section, the settings is like the Calendar syncing settings. You can choose a period and specify whether to sync the entire To Do, or just some selected To DO folder

Sync Tasks with Outlook
5. The next section is about multimedia and you can sync Music, Photos, Videos, and Podcast. The settings for music, photos and videos are the same and first you need to select a device folder in the target device, and then select the library folder to sync (you can choose All, selected playlist, or selected multimedia file)

Sync Multimedia with Kies

6. Podcast sync can be applied to both KiesCast and the Library or either one of them. beside choosing all podcast or selected ones, you can sync from 1 to 10 latest episode(s) downloaded.

Sync Podcast with KiesCast

7. When you are all set, you just need to scroll up and tap "Sync" button on the top right of the menu. You may need to setup your Outlook account.