So, while the Flappy Bird’s developer has not yet decided to release the next version of its addictive game and you prefer not to play the so many available cloned, Timberman is the perfect alternative as it delivers a simple interface along with a simpler gameplay to promise hours of wasting time with full of regret at the end of the day. Playing Timberman, you just have 2 missions to accomplish: “Chop wood and avoid the branches”. There are 4 different types of environments which are shown randomly (I suppose) and as you get more scores more characters will be unlocked. The latest app update increases the characters to 8 Timbermen.  


Like the Flappy Bird, Timberman is using the 8-bit-style graphics and your only available moves are tapping the right side of the tree and of course the left side. You should chop as much tress as you can while avoiding the branches and th e time limitation makes you want to chop the tress as fast as you can. And this is where you hit a branch and then you have to start over and over again without noticing the time passing.

So, if you used to be addicted to the Flappy Bird and looking for a worth to play alternative, Timberman is the best choice you've got at the moment. But keep in mind that it’s not going to be a relaxing game nor an adventurous game with high quality graphics. It is just for wasting time and beating your friends's scores if you get your Play Games account connected to the Timberman.


You can download Timberman from Google Play Store for free, but it will cost you $0.99 if you want to remove the annoying ads while playing.

What do you think about Timberman? What is you record and high score? And how many tress have you already chopped?