Remember Todoist? One of ‌the Best Cross‌ Platform‌ ToDo‌ List‌ App.
This awesome todo list and task list application, gets more awesome as the developers have just introduced Todoist Next project. While the app's name remains the same on the Google Play Store, here are some of the new things you'll get by updating to the latest version:


  • You can easily collaborate with anyone who uses Todoist in any of 13 supported platfomrs, including iOS, Windows, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, and Thunderbird
  • The new visual scheduling lets visualize your workflow and you'll feel how plans move forward neat and as scheduled
  • Real time sync, which used to be one of the g reat advantages of premium users, is now available for free users as well. You just need to make sure you've logged in to your different devices in different platforms and let the Todoist do the rest
  • New streamlined design which lets you focus on your tasks

Note that, if you don't have a premium subscription, which costs you $30 per year, you can only invite up to 5 persons to collaborate on your projects, but the premium users have the option to invite up to 25 people to create a group of 26 people.

To know more about Todist Next, go to Todoist Next webpage.

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