Have you ever thought of participating on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” or other TV Shows with the same style? Or have you ever tried to make such shows with your friends? In these types of shows, you are asked some random questions in different areas of knowledge and you should expect every type of questions. There are many Android apps which are known as Useless Facts, Unnecessary Facts, or Funny Facts apps. What are these apps about? They have gathered some useless & unnecessary facts in different categories. Note that these facts may not be verified or promised to be 100% true and you should just consider them as some Entertainment Android apps.

Here are the 5 Best Android Apps in this funny and entertaining category:

 1. Unnecessary knowledge

This app provides over 2000 useless facts in 18 different categories like America, Human Body, Computers and the internet, Celebs, Sports, Records, Food and Drink, Laws and Regulations. You can add your favorite facts in your starred list and access them later easily. Its home screen widget shows one fact randomly every 10 seconds.

What we were expecting was a Share button and also the feature to view more than one fact at a time.

A Random Fact: The inventor of the word “Jogging” died while jogging

Download Unnecessary Knowledge from Google Play


2. 10,500+ Cool Facts

As the name suggests, you should expect over 10 thousands cool facts in this Android app. Unlike Unnecessary Knowledge, there is no category and all the 10513 facts come one by one by tapping the screen or swiping up or left (swiping down or right takes you to the previous fact). You can add facts to favorites, verify facts, and more importantly share the facts via Facebook Twitter and other social networks.

A Random Fact: Polar bears are excellent swimmers. They have been known to swim more than 60 miles without a rest

Download 10,500+ Cool Facts from Google Play


3.  Funny Facts Free 8000+

This Android app has been designed bet ter than the other two mentioned apps. You can search by keyword through the entire 8370 facts, share facts, and set them as favorites. Some available categories are: Nature, Statistics, Interesting, World records, and strange laws. Gestures can be also defined for a better navigation. One feature which we were expecting to see in such apps was Random Fact, which Funny Facts provides it. But it only shows random facts in the chosen category.  Our favorite app in AW Center is Funny Facts.

A Random Fact: For every 1000 red blood cells in our body, there is only about one white cell.

Download Funny Facts Free 8000+ from Google Play

4.  OMG Facts

This Oh My God facts App, delivers about 1500 facts in 35 categories. Some icons have been added next to each category to bring some visual attractions to the app. Some categories are: Movie, Nature, Olympic, Water, Weird, and Women. You can also bookmark and share facts.  OMG Facts widget shows a single fact on your home screen. We waited a couple of minutes to see if the fact changes or not! And it was just staring at us without any changing (The developer says it changes everyday!!).

A Random Fact: Montreal is the second largest French speaking city after Paris

Download OMG Facts from Google Play


5. World Facts You Must Know

This Android app seems to provide limitless facts by scrolling the app main page. The unique feature of this app which we found interesting is that you can see more than one fact at a time, and you don’t have to tap each fact to continue the reading rest. Sharing is possible, but there is no bookmark, favorite or category.

A Random Fact: The first Ford has engines made by Dodge

Download World Facts You Must Know from Google Play


So, which App you choose to surprise your friends by telling them some strange, cool facts?