All of us at least once in our life posted something or ordered a thing and waited to get our delivery or the acknowledgement from the receiver that it has been received. Every private or public national carrier company tried to bring their customers a package tracking platform which they can easily track their package or parcel. Each company provide this tool on their website or they may even develop a dedicated mobile application. However, it would be really hard to install app of each carrier company when you have a parcel from them, or even check their website. To solve this issue, Parcels app is bringing you package tracking of the most popular carrier companies all together in just one application. In today’s AW Center Article we are going to review the Parcel app.

The feature which makes Parcels most incredible than others, is the support of most popular carriers. It supports DHL, Amazon (USA, GB, and DE), Aramex, FedEx, TNT, UPS, Hermes, GLS and many more. The next good thing about it, is the simple easy to use design.


When you install and open the application, you have three keys, add, refresh and settings. By pressing the add button, a big menu of carriers open which after selecting your desired one, based on the one you chosen, it asks for some information like the tracking number. It also asks for a name, which the entered data will be later shown by this name. It also features a bar code scanner, so instead of entering information, you can scan the bar code.

A list of parcels with different colors will be shown at the main panel and by touching each of them you can manually update them, or edit entered information. In each parcel page, in addition to seeing its current status, you can see its location on the maps as well. You can see the full t raveled path of parcel on maps. There is option to go directly to the website of carrier too.


The application has a smart feature which will in background track your package and as soon as its status gets an update, it will notify you as well. This background check will be stopped as soon as all the packages are delivered, which is helpful for saving some battery.

The setting menu features some more interesting options too. There is an option to enable updates by shaking. It means whenever you shake the device, it refreshes the statuses of the parcels. Also, under this menu, you can enable or disable maps, to consume less data when you’re on slower connections. You can change the level of details to full or simple too. Finally, as the app has a big list of carriers and each time it is a little hard to navigate through all to find the desired one, there is an option disable unused carriers for the better convenience of the user.


Parcels is a simple app without lots of features which confuses the user, but with enough interesting features that will help anyone to easily add his parcel and track it time by time. The smart function for enabling or disabling background check based on available items is a feature which can’t be ignored.

Download Parcels from Google Play