Ubuntu,Now for smartphones.

Canonical is a developer company of one of the most popular Linux distribution named “Ubuntu”. Ubuntu is considered as one of the most enduring and popular Linux distributions which have tons of fans. Canonical recently announced that the company is planning to enter the world of mobile operating systems.

Ubuntu Phone OS technology

Ubuntu OS is specialized for smartphones and has been designed on user interface-based so makes it easier to work with it rather than the touchscreen phones which are used today. Due to its user-friendly interface, the continuous motions on the screen are considered as a main tool. So, the touchable buttons are less likely to use. Its touchscreen OS is similarly to what we have seen on Nokia N9’s MeeGo as well as Windows-Phone 8.  

Followings are some of the most continuous motions of its touch’s feature:

  • By a short moving of finger on the display – left to right - a list of applications which are installed on the device would appear in a side bar way. By scrolling to top or bottom the other applications can also be seen and selected
  •  By a long moving of finger on the display – left to right – a list of running programs would be appeared.
  • By moving finger on the lock screen– left to right – the home page would be appeared.
  •   By moving finger from left to right while we're in an application, the selector would move between the running applications.
  • By moving from top to bottom, the status bar displays the elements. For example, when you move on t o the message element then you would enter onto the messages; or by moving on battery you would see the battery charge status.

The operating system has also designed a smart assistant, like Apple Siri and Google Now, but news is not published yet about its function. Ubuntu OS Mobile version, It is designed to be adapted easily with the X86 and ARM processors. Due to the operating system platform, developers can easily take advantage of HTML5 to design and develop applications. So, this platform is significant to porting apps between other operating systems such as Android. A significant feature on Ubuntu OS Mobile version is its PC automatically adaptable on the dock’s status. In other words, if Ubuntu-based phone would be docked, then by using a mouse and keyboard can have experience working with a PC.

Minimum System requirements

The official Ubuntu recommends 1 GHz single-core processor– Cortex A9- with 512 megabytes of RAM and 4 to 8 gigabytes of hard drive space. Multicore processors are well supported on the OS.

Release Date

So far, no company or operator has announced a partnership with Canonical, but the company claims that the first Ubuntu Phones OS will lunch to the global market by 2014.


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