You only have 10% battery charge, but need to keep your phone turned on for a while. You should know that your device will turn off in less than 2 hours, unless you are one of the possible future owners of the fifth Samsung Galaxy family member. So, relax and sit back because your phone will be on standby for the next 24 hours. 
The Ultra Power Saving Mode is one of the new features that appear to be on the new Samsung Galaxy S5. 

The life of battery is one of the most important factors while choosing the right gadget to buy, because it's not really pleasant to have your phone out of power just when you need to make necessary phone calls or you need to access specific information. You might be waiting for an important text message and the low battery could be the most annoying thing on your mind.

You definitely don't like to stop using Wifi internet in order to keep your phone charged all the time, because that doesn't look so rational either.
The Ultra Power Saving Mode can be a solution to all or a part of these worries.

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You have definitely seen the Power Saving Mode in other android gadgets, or even the previous Galaxy products. Although, it seems like it has been much improved in the ULTRA Power Saving Mode, where the software causes the 2800 mA battery of Galaxy S5 will endure a longer life than you had expected, and work a lot more efficiently.

Samsung claims that with the Galaxy S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode, you can have up to 10 hours of net surfing, or the alternate of 12 hours of watching videos persistently.


This mode will help you at the times when you have watched 11 hours of videos nonstop, and just about the time your battery is really low, you can switch to the saving mode. The screen will turn black and l unnecessary applications and services will stop working.

Having said all that, we still have to see the Galaxy S5 in our hands to find out how it really functions and how efficient and helpful the Ultra Power Saving Mode is.