Unlock With WiFi uses a clever idea and disables your lock screen as long as you are at certain location by identifying the Wi-Fi network you are connected to. In other words when you get Home (or any other pre-defined locations), the lock screen is disabled and you don't have to type the password every time you use your phone there.

Before getting too excited, note that the application needs to be granted the Device administrator permission, and you must forget about using pattern or face unlock options as it is only working with Password or PIN lock screen.

So, if you don't mind about the previous line, download and install Unlock With WiFi from Google Play, and do as follows to add your trusted WiFi networks:


1. After opening the application, press Next and authorize and activate the Device Administrator permission

2. Set your Password or PIN

3. Press Finish.

4. If you have already connected to a WiFi network, you should see the network's name on the white list or Home. (When your are connected to one of the networks in the white list, your device is unlocked automatically and bypasses the PIN or Password)

5. In other places, make sure to be connected to a WiFi network, then press Add to add that specific WiFi network to the white list too.

6. Enjoy! :)


Other than the mentioned feature, there are some battery saving features which enables/disables WiFi, Bluetooth and Sync when your leave Home (You are no longer connected to the Home network). Available options are:

  • Automatically turn off WiFi when you leave Home
  • Turn on Bluetooth when you leave Home
  • Turn off Bluetooth when you get Home
  • Turn on Sync when you get Home
  • Turn off Sync when you leave Home

If you are worried whether the application is worth paying or works find on your device, then simply install the Unlock With WiFi (Trial) which functions with complete features for only 4 days, and then decide to buy the application or not.

We believe it is worth every Penny!