Google introduced a new differing feature in Android Jelly Bean. Photo Sphere is one of the Jelly Bean’s new features, assisting users in creating panoramic 360 degree photos.

Using Photo Sphere: To use this feature, you need to switch the shooting mode to Panorama in camera. Press the shutter button to begin. Blue dots appear in all directions. Move camera to one of these dots and center the white circle on it. It automatically captures the next frame when the dots are centered in the white circle, so you don’t need to press shutter button again. Continue this process until you have no blue dots left. After it is done, press the shutter button again to finish what you have started. The camera starts rendering the frames which usually takes around 1 minute.  Do not forget that you can end the capturing process anytime by pressing the shutter button.

Photo Sphere weak points: Photo Sphere, like any application is not fault-free. For example it is not smart enough to eliminate the moving objects (like someone passing the street while shooting) in the final render. It is also unable to seamlessly attach frames together specially on frames borders. The brightness may vary on different frames and the final render might not be the best result you desired. You might get a better result if items are in a distance from the camera.

Viewing Panorama photos in Android: Panoramas are saved in JPG format so that you can view them on your PC with any photo viewer available but for a full view, you may require a browser with HTML 5 and Flash player support. You can also view panoramic photos on mobile devices and of course on your Android device using applications such as Tiny Planet. By default, the far left frame of panoramas are shown, but you can navigate from left to right or reverse by dragging to right and left and you are also able to pinch-zoom. Geographical GPS position of the place can also be tagged on these photos. You can also share them on Google Plus.

Here are  Two sample photos using Photo Sphere
Panorama 1
Panorama 2