Last week we discussed the differences between iPad Mini and Nexus 7 2013 as the representatives of 2 main Operating systems: iOS and Android. Since both tablets are really great at the specifications, there is no absolute winner and these comparisons are for getting you a better view of what you are dealing with.

This week we are going to compare 2 of the newly introduced tablets which come with some affordable prices. Samsung Galaxy Tab3 7.0 vs. Nexus7 2.

7 inches tablets are by far the most popular Android tablets and Asus with Nexus 7, Amazon with Kindle Fire, and Samsung with Galaxy Tab series, are the leading ones. Since we can barely call an Amazon Kindle device, a tablet with an Android OS (Due to the complete redesign by Amazon interface), in the following Nexus 7 2 and Galaxy Tab3 7.0 as the latest products of Asus (Google) and Samsung, are compared.

Note that we have used the cellular version of both tablets as the basis of comparison.



  • Dimension: The dimensions of Tab3 are 188 x 111.1 x 9.9 mm while Nuxus7 is a 200 x 114 x 8.7 mm device. The third generation of Galaxy Tab3 weighs about 306gr which is 7 grams heavier than the Asus product. Nexus7 is both lighter and thinner which makes it a better option for carrying and using.
  • Appearance: They both are simple and beautiful and there is not a significant difference in the design.
  • Ergonomic: Tab3 7.0 has been designed for a vertical use, due to the placements of buttons at the bottom of the device. By the way, as soon as you start working with Nexu7 in the horizontal direction, you will love how ergonomic it is.


  • Processor: Galaxy Tab3 7.0 is equipped with a Dual-core 1.2 GHz processor as well as a 1GB RAM, which is an absolute loser in compare to the powerful Nexus 7 2 hardware with that Snapdragon quad core processor.
  • Display: The screen quality of the 7 inches Nexus tablet is almost twice a s the Tab3 7 screen which uses a TFT LCD with 600x1024 pixels as the resolution. The higher resolution and the higher pixel density of Nexus7, makes it the winner of Display battle.
  • Connectivity: The only advantage of The Galaxy Tab3 is the ability to make call through GSM networks. It doesn’t come with a LTE network or Bluetooth 4. On the other side, the NFC equipped Nexus 7 comes with Bluetooth 4, LTE support, and dual channel Wi-Fi.
  • Camera: The front and rear cameras of both devices are almost the same and can record HD videos. The only difference is that the Nexus7 has a 5MP rear camera, which reduces to 3.2 for Galaxy Tab3.
  • Storage: The 8GB or 16GB versions of Galaxy Tab3 can be increased by using an external SD Card, but Nexus7 comes with 2 expandable versions: 16GB and 32GB.


  • OS Version: When you own a Nexus device, you don’t need to worry for Android updates for 2 years and you are going to get the latest updates, as soon as it is released by the Google. Nexus 7 with Jelly Bean 4.3 & Stock Android UI might not have important advantages over Galaxy Tab3 with Jelly Bean 4.1 and TouchWiz UI but if you choose Tab3, you shouldn’t expect prompt OS update.
  • User Interface: Samsung Exclusive Launcher with its features has its own fans, and some people prefer pure Android on their device
  • Applications: S Voice, S Planner, Samsung Hub, Samsung Apps, and Samsung Link are some of the exclusive apps which can be found on the Galaxy tablet.

So, which one are going to choose?

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