Ever wanted to transfer file over local Wi-Fi or voice call with somebody without using the cellular network or via apps need internet access? Wi-Fie Talkie is your answer, which enables voice chatting, file transferring and messaging over local Wi-Fi. There is only one condition and you must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to be able to make calls over Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Talkie uses your local Wi-Fi network to make calls and do stuff, it doesn’t require internet or a cellular network to start the connection. It automatically lists everyone using this application in the same Wi-Fi range.


To start, tap and hold any name on the list and select the appropriate item from the menu: Call, send a Private Message, or Send Files. Unlike most walkie-talkie applications, calling with this application is so fast and has zero-latency. It really looks like a real call using the Cellular network. You can call normally or turn on the speaker or maybe you just want to use your hands-free, it doesn’t matter which way you choose, Wi-Fi Talkie supports all.


From the menu, you can quickly turn on Wi-Fi Hotspot without go ing to system Settings. From the Preferences, it is possible to change the displayed Device name, change incoming calls/messages/files ringtone, change the app background, choose a voice quality and define a port number. The Test mode allows you to connect the device to itself to see how the application works for times there is no secondary smartphone.

Why use the low speed Bluetooth while you can use your high speed Wi-Fi? With Wi-Fi-Talkie it is possible to transfer huge files with a speed up to 24 Mbps and above.


Pros: Simple, fast and pretty UI, high speed file transfering using local Wi-Fi, zero-latency calling, and we couldn’t find any other app in its kind to be able to compete

Cons: No serious bugs or cons

 Wi-Fi Talkie General Features

  • Call/Message over local Wi-Fi
  • High speed file transfer using Wi-Fi
  • Automatically lists nearby users
  • Fast and intuitive user interface
  • Selectable app background
  • Option to change voice quality
  • Supports speakerphone & earphone
  • Test mode to call the device itself
  • Selectable incoming call/message ringtone


Download Wi-Fie Talkie Lite from Google Play