Wordament developed by Microsoft in now available on Google Play for Android users. The logic behind Wordament, is to find as much words as possible in a 4x4 table by swiping across available letters . The distinguished feature of this puzzle game, over other games in its type (the most famous one is Scramble With Friends) , is that you start the game with thousands of other people around the world at the same time, and you get to know your score and rank immediately after the game is finished.


To start the competition, you need to log in with either your Facebook account or your Xbox Live account, so the game is able to keep track of your records, and w ait for the next round to begin and start swiping to guess words.

Wordament Android application provides the option to change the puzzle language, which is useful for those who have started learning a new language. Available languages other than English, are: Deutsch, Spanish, French, Italian, Nederlands, and Svenska. There is also a beta version for some languages like: Arabic, Turkish, Polish and Portuguese.

Wordamen Game

We tested the game on Nexus 7 2 and HTC One, and while it was working super fine and flawless on Nexus, we saw some lags with HTC One.

Download Wordament® from Google Play