If you check the communication section of the Google Play, you will find hundreds of text, voice and video chat apps. From those famous known like Viber and Whatsapp to less famous ones such as Vonage and hike, they are all similar to each other. While some just support text others support voice and video too. However, there is another group of apps which tend to bring more fun to people while communicating with others. These apps simulate the old push to talk walkie talkie devices and tries to make good moment for you. In this type of apps, Zello is the Walkie Talkie app for Android you are looking for.

Zello is a dedicated app just to the purpose of walkie talkie. In today’s post we are going to review this app and see how it is working. Let’s start with the main features


Zello Walkie Talkie Features:

  • Simultaneous streaming of high quality voice
  • Find friends by searching though the phones’ contacts
  • lots of Public and private channels with different subjects
  • Bluetooth headset support
  • Chat History
  • Push Notification
  • Variety of Notification


Working Experience

After installing Zello, before using it, you need to first sign up. Next, it will search your contacts to find your friends which are on the platform, so you may add anyone which is already signed up on the Zello. As the Zello doesn’t support chat and just the push to talk, the interface is really simple and easy. There are three tabs available, first Recents, which is a history of your recent chats, second, Contacts and finally Channels, which is the most fun section of the app.

Zello Registeration

By going to Contacts section and selecting a friend, you have a really big button. By pressing and holding the button you can talk and as soon as you released it, the second party can send you a voice. You can also adjust the level of sound by touching the edges of that big circle. There is also an option of Bluetooth headsets which let the user to talk by pressing the headset key. Unfortunately, based on the developers note, this works only with selected models.

In the Channels section which reminds me of old Yahoo! Messenger voice rooms, you can search for channels or check the trending ones and join them. There are many rooms with different subjects, from general talking to dating and etc. When you join the room, there are people talking and as soon as your circle goes green, you can talk too.  There is a great option here, to make a private channel and invite just your friends to have conversation together.
The app’s menu lets you go to the settings section, profile page, log out or exit the app. In profile page you can update your name or change your profile picture.

To conclude
, Zello is an interesting app to have some fun with the friends or in its public channels. Good voice quality, option to create private rooms, hundreds of public rooms and a simple interface which is easy to use are some of strong points of this app. But, on the other hand, there are some negative points about the app which lacking a text chat option, sending files, location, and a more beautiful and elegant design are some of them. Zello is a good app (and we really like it) but compares to similar ones like Voxer, it doesn’t have much to say. The only distinguishing feature of the app which attracts the users is its private and public channels.

Download Zello Walkie Talkie from Google Play