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5 Best Android News Widget – April 2013

| 23 April 2013 |
Android News Widget
News websites are the best source to access the world news, and most of internet users use this service. There is an easier way to get the world news, and it is Android News Widgets. These widgets which each come with a base application provide breaking news topics for users on their home screens. We introduce you top 5 news widgets in the following.

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1 AP Mobile

AP Mobile

This application`s widget provide users all the world news from reliable sources. This app in offline mode can provide news which it has already saved in online mode. This widget can also show news pictures and videos. To update news, you should just touch the widget. Download From Google Play AP Mobile
Features Associated Press Widget News
Offline Mode
Screenshots AP Mobile
2 Pulse News

Pulse News

Pulse is an application which can inform you from the latest world news, together with its widget. For example you can just subscribe to follow IT news. You can also be informed of your Facebook and Tweeter statuses by Pulse. This widget is placed on your home screen in different sizes and appearances. Download From Google Play Pulse News
Features Follow just your Favorite News
Facebook & Twitter
Screenshots Pulse News
3 Flipboard


by using this widget, you can easily be informed of latest world news. Flipboard can inform you of Facebook and Tweeter statuses like Pulse News. User interface of this application is so beautiful and it is similar to Metro interface in Windows Phone 8. Flipboard is able to show news pictures and videos. You can also search latest news by Flipboard. Download From Google Play Flipboard
Features Outstanding Interface
See news in Pictures & Video
4 Scrollable News Widget

Scrollable News Widget

this application is a very beautiful news widget which has interesting features. It is possible to follow news in RSS Feed format by this widget. For example; you can see IT news in one widget and Economics news in another one. If your launcher supports scrolling, then you can easy scroll between news Download From Google Play Scrollable News Widget
Features Scroll between News
Supports RSS Feeds
Screenshots Scrollable News Widget
5 Google Currents

Google Currents

this app and widget is one of the best news applications. This application, which has been developed by Google, uses different news sources. You can select news type and its source. You can also add different news websites to Google Currents. Download From Google Play Google Currents
Features Choose News Source & Type
Powered by Google
Screenshots Google Currents