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5 Best ToDo and Task List Android Widgets

| 19 February 2013 |
How do you memorize all your to do list during a day, week, month or even year? If you memorize them all on your mind then you need to skip the article, but if you own an android smartphone or tablet and looking for a widget or app to record and remind your tasks then keep reading. The following is a list of some best useful To-Do widgets
  1. Remember The Milk
Remember The Milk

Take your to-do list anywhere with this feature-packed app; never forget the milk

Official Remember The Milk app on your home screen. Easily add and complete tasks on the go and organize them based on priorities, due dates, time estimates and more. Get used to the app and You never forget your milk again. Play Store Link
  1. Any.DO To-do & Task List
Any.DO To-do List & Task List

use Any.DO every day to remember all the tasks to want to do

Any.DO is a simple, fun way to make task and to-do list and the widget on your home screen shows you all the tasks when you need them. Reminders, Speech Recognition, Google Task and cloud sync are examples of its features. Play Store Link
  1. Astrid Tasks & To-do List
Astrid Tasks & To-do List

it’s the personal assistant you’ve always wanted

A personal to-do list app and widget that keeps you alerted and organized. You get to access your entire task thanks to automatic syncing across your phone, tablet, and There is also a paid Astrid Power Pack to increase your productivity. Play Store Link
  1. GTasks: To Do List | Task List
GTasks. To Do List & Task List

GTasks is a simple and efficient android to do list app

GTasks makes life Easier! Simply add your to-do list and search, sort, sync your tasks and set reminders for tasks. Let the GTasks organize your life in an efficient elegant way. Play Store Link
  1. To-Do List Widget
To-Do List Widget

List-making made simple!

All the mentioned apps and widgets were a complete organizer with lots of features. But To-Do List Widget is a very simple list making widget that lets you view and edit your list easily on your home screen and without any extra features. Play Store Link