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A Simple Shopping List Widget to Manage your Shoppings

| 14 September 2013 |
Sometimes simplicity is what you really expect from an application and you just need the application to perform some simple tasks without too many features your barely use. There are different apps and widgets to create a shopping list with different features like changing color, settings reminder, adding price, syncing through devices in different platforms, setting location and many more. But on the other side. there are some applications which lets you add your shopping list, and see your list right from home screen without any extra features. This AW Center widget review is about one of the easiest to use yet practical Android widgets to see your shopping list on your home screen.

Shopping Lists lets you add multiple shopping lists with the ability to add different items in it. After adding a shopping list, you just need to add as many items as you need and save the list. You can just delete items (or the entire list) or mark items as done (you have already bought that item) and there is no other options available.

When you add the 2×2 widget to home screen you are asked to choose the list to show on home screen and then the widget is created. The widget shows only the items that have not been checked yet, and unfortunately there is no way to see checked items from home screen. In other words you don’t know whether you have already bought an item or you have just forgotten to add it to your list.

As mentioned at the beginning of the review, since we were expecting a simple shopping list widget, then Shopping Lists was really handy and we really loved its simple interface as well as its lightweight size.

Download Shopping Lists (with widget) from Google Play