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Alarm Droid Wakes You Up in Your Own Way

| 19 May 2013 |
Alarm Clock for Android
If you are looking for a multi tasking clock for your Android device, you can use Alarm Droid application. This app which is considered as an advanced alarm clock has been designed to give every Android-User the opportunity to wake up in his (her) own way.
Alarm Droid app offers some very interesting and useful choices in terms of being notified for an event or wakeup time. One of its special features is the flip’n’snooze feature which allows the user to turn the alarm clock back into snooze mode by turning over the phone. It also acts as a speaking clock, which announces the time and the local weather conditions.
You will able to create multiple alarms with different alarm times – for example, for different days of the week or for the entire weekend. Even playlists or internet radio streams can be set as an alarm tone. In General Preferences you can personalize and set up your alarm just the way you want it.

On the app setting you have the option of:
  • Giving the alarm a title
  • Adjust snooze time
  • Select days on which alarm should go off
  • Activate the speaking clock
  • Adjust time span for soft alarm
  • Select the alarm sound
  • Enable vibration instead of using a sound

Some of main features of this app are:
  • Speaking clock options: Which Announce the time and weather
  •  flip’n’snooze : It’s too early to wake up? Just flip your phone by 180° and enjoy snoozing for a while!
  •  shake’n’stop: You want your alarm clock to stop ringing? Just shake your phone and it will!
  • Soft Alarm Mode: In this mode, the volume increases slowly until it reaches its final setting. Of course, you can set up the time span in which the volume increases by yourself. (Optional, deactivated by default)
  • Power Nap Mode: This mode, will activate after a certain period of time has passed
  • Arithmetic Problem: You want to stop the alarm? First, you have to solve a little arithmetic problem. (Optional, deactivated by default)

This application is free for Android 1.2 and above to install. Download Alarm Droid from Google Play

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