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Android Battery Graph Widget Lets You Keep Track of Battery Usage From Home Screen

| 7 October 2013 |

There is a default feature in Android that displays the most battery consumption applications as well as showing the level of the battery over the time as a graph, by going to Battery Settings. But Android users expect to have access to almost everything from Home Screen or just by one tap. On the other side most of battery widgets just show the current battery level with some information about the battery and to get the graphs you have to open the application. Battery Graph Widget is the application which shows the battery graph on home screen with many personalization options. The highly customizable widgets let the users adjust everything from text padding and text size to graph line colors.


Using graph statistics, this application shows the battery ups & downs in the form of widgets. 7 multi size widgets are available to choose, from 1×1 to 4×4. What you should know is that all these widgets inherit the same layout, this means they all have the same appearance and the difference is within their sizes.

There are many options available to use for the widgets, some of them are: Show level, charging, discharging and charged status, charger type (AC or USB), time plugged in/plugged out, time charging finished and display voltage and temperature.


The feature that distinguishes this application from the Android’s default battery graphing system is that you can make the graph display the charging status for the last 8 hours, 24 hours or 48 hours or even since last full charge.

The pro version has additional features that shows estimated time until a full charge (or a full discharge) and the average charge or discharging speed.

If you are one of those who precisely keep track of the battery usage of their device, Battery Graph Widget is highly recommended.


Battery Graph Widget General Features

  • See battery level history at a quick glance!
  • 7 Multi size widgets
  • Customizable graphs
  • Display battery related information
  • Ad-free

Download Battery Graph Widget from Google Play