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Android Battery Widget Reborn: Simple and Fully Functional

| 22 August 2013 |

We have always been a fan of Battery Widget Reborn, especially its battery notification in status bar with such great features. But its home screen widget was a simple battery widget to show just the battery level. After a while we updated the application and we saw great improvements for the home screen widget. Let’s review the features of Battery Widget Reborn:

When you first open the application, you see 4 main tabs.

The battery level and some toggle buttons for power settings like: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Data, Sync, Airplane Mode, and the newly added Torch are shown in the first tab.

The second tab shows the battery consumption history in some charts. If you use the application for some time, then it provides a reliable estimation of your battery charge cycle.


Third tab is for customization of our favorite feature; Battery Notification in Notification Area. On the status bar, you can always see the battery level, but if you drag down the bar, you will see this information:

Battery level in 3 modes: Classic Round, Green Round, and White Number

First line which can show either of these: Remaining Time, Time when completed, when charging/discharging started, how long ago charging/discharging started, Voltage, Temperature, Health

Second line which can show either of mentioned info in above

View charts

View toggle buttons

You can also define the On Click action which can be: popup settings window, Battery info, Discharging chart, Top Battery Consumers, Start Torch or even Ignore click (Tap)

The fourth and last tab is called Power Saving Settings. You can enable “Auto Night Mode” which lets you activate a special profile at the given hours. The profile can be personalized by toggling On or Off some power controls.


Battery Widget Reborn offers a resizable home screen widget which the size may vary from 1×1 to biggest size your device supports. When you add the widget, you have the option to change and customize the following:

  • Inner Text: Choose what to show inside circle, and the color and opacity of the inner text. Available information to show are: battery remaining, time remaining, time when completed, and temperature. We would prefer to touch to select the colors, rather than mnaualy entering values for HSL, RGB, or HEX methods.
  • Charging Indicator: show or hide charging indicator, and the feature to change the color
  • Battery Remaining Line: Specify whether to see a static color, or color changes according to the battery level. The feature we really liked was the ability to set different color for different battery levels. For example when battery level is less than 10% the color changes to Red, if it is between 10% to 50%, the color changes to Yellow, The Blue color appears when the battery level is more than 50 and less than 75, and the Green color is for battery level more than 75%.
  • Secondary Line
  • Drop Shadow
  • On Click Action: what displays after clicking on widget? Widget configuration, Popup settings window, battery info, discharging chart, top battery consumers, start torch and ignore click.

The other home screen widget is Battery Widget Reborn Charts, which shows the chart, discussed in the second tab.

In overall, Battery Widget Reborn with its great design and user friendly interface provides the necessary information about the status of the battery of your Android device. Available toggles on the notification panel as well as the detailed battery information and the newly added customizable home screen widget are the main features of this Android battery application. If you are willing to buy a paid battery widget, then this can be your first choice.

Download Battery Widget Reborn from Google Play