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Android Equalizer App and Widget

| 10 July 2013 |
Equalizer is one of the most installed Android Equalizer apps and widgets which lets you control the sound quality on your phone or tablet. Equalizer interface is really simple and every details and settings can be found easily. When you first open the App you see different available presets, like: Normal, Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Latin and Custom. Auto-Detect feature uses the Song ID3 tag to find the best Equalizer for the playing song (It chooses the best preset according to the Genre of the song).
The next tab of Equalizer is actually Equalizer :). Here you can make your own presets with the 5 band Equalizer controller, but you to upgrade to full version to be able to save the custom presets.

The third and last tab is about customizing the intensity for Bass Booster and Visualizer. Reverb preset is another option which lets you choose between: Small Room, Medium Room, Large Room, Medium Hall, Large Hall, and Plate. The app suggests you to use a headphone for best results.


The free version of Equalizer comes with 4 home screen widgets:

Equalizer Large: This 4×1 size widget shows the current status of controllers, and a toggle button to turn the Equalizer On or Off

Equalizer ON: As the name suggests, it toggles the app On

Equalizer Off: This 1×1 widget, turns the Equalizer Off

Equalizer Small: This 2×1 widget just shows the current preset and tapping it takes you to the main page pf the application

In the Paid version of the app, you can add shortcuts for available presets and load them right from Home Screen

Download Equalizer from Google Play