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Android Live Wallpaper Clock

| 13 May 2013 |
Android Live Wallpaper Clock

Live wallpaper is a built-in feature in Android which makes your home screen beautiful and eye catching. Beside their animations, these wallpapers are highly configurable based on their features and the developer’s generosity. This is why users are extremely interested in them. It is worth to mention that live wallpapers consume more battery than the regular wallpapers.

Clock Tower 3D is one of the most beautiful live wallpapers on Google Play. We categorized this live wallpaper under the Widget reviews, but note that it is not actually a home screen widget.


As its name says, the wallpaper is schematic of a tower clock, featuring the entire inside view from gears to hands. Users are able to adjust the light rays streamed through the stained glass. Gears rotation speed is also configurable. Navigating through the home screens changes the angle of view which makes the wallpaper even more alive.

  Android Clock Live WallPaper 2  


  • Selectable glass designs and hands
  • Adjustable camera speed
  • Adjustable light ray intensity
  • Full support light shifting based on time of day
  • Works as daydream on 4.2+ devices


If you want to experience something new on your home screen, Don’t miss this Clock Live Wallpaper. The application which is compatible with Android 2.1+, is available on Google Play.