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Android Mobile Counter Pro – 3G, WIFI Review

| 15 September 2013 |
Mobile Counter Pro – 3G, WIFI is an Android application & widget to track your consumed data over both WiFi and mobile network in different time periods. Mobile Counter offers 2 home screen widgets to let you monitor daily and monthly used data over GSM/CDMA or WiFi networks right from the home screen of your device.

Mobile Counter Pro Main Features:

  • Setting data limitation
  • Billing period calculation
  • Show how much each application has used data over WiFi and Mobile network separately
  • Comparing app data usages over some circle graphs
  • Setting alerts for different circumstances: When transfer or expiration data exceeded, When data usage is less than or more than a specific amount and When time expire less than specific days
  • Show the consumed data over time, in the notification panel*
  • Show app icon in notification bar when enable WiFi,  enable GSM/WiFi/ enable GSM/CDMA or Always
  • 2 home screen widgets
  • Enabling or disabling sent data transfer in calculation
  • Enabling or disabling WiFi-SSID separately counting
  • Enabling or disabling the option to count roaming traffic separately
* The notification layout can be selected from one of these options: Day, month, total (GSM/CDMA + WiFi), GSM/CDMA (left transfer), day, month (GSM/CDMA),  GSM/CDMA billing perioed, or GSM/CDMA (left transfer + today)


When you go to your widgets list, you should see two Mobile Counter home screen widgets in 1×1 and 2×1 sizes:

Mobile Counter 1×1: When you add this 1×1 widget to your home screen you can monitor one of the following: GSM/CDMA (day, month), WiFi (day, month), Limit GSM/CDMA, or Billing period GSM/CDMA. Available customizations are: changing background color, transparency, font size, main color, accentuated color, and standard color.

Mobile Counter 2×1: This 2×1 widget lets you monitor and control: GSM/CDMA (day, month), GSM/CDMA left transfer, GSM/CDMA left transfer in graph mode, WiFi (day, month), GSM/CDMA + WiFi (day, month), GSM/CDMA billing period, Day/month/total (GSM/CDMA or WiFi), Day/left transfer (GSM/CDMA). Available customization are exactly the same as the 1×1 widget.


Home screen widgets are really useful and you just need to tap each widget to update the statistics which reduces the battery consumption. What we expect to see in next updates is monitoring data app usage from home screen.  In Overall, Mobile Counter Pro provides some useful info about data usage, and we really liked the Statistics shown for different data usage types, but unlike the user friendly interface we found the initial setup a little bit confusing and time taking.

Download Mobile Counter Pro from Google Play