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Android Power Control Widget

| 25 May 2013 |
Android Power Control Widget

Power Control Plus is a powerful widget which gives you the possibility to customize your android phone, just from the home screen or notification bar. If you are an android user, you may have the experience of looking to change or customize something, and you spent a while looking in menus and settings to find where you may apply those changes. If you experienced this situation, then this is a right widget for you. This application will customize your android by a touch of your fingers.

This application is very flexible and you may customize almost all parts of it (i.e. Color, Size and functions) to your favorable style. Power Control Widget supports tablets, 7 different widgets, notification bar for Android 4.0 and above, over 30 toggle buttons and it uses the battery efficiently.

You may change a setting, enable or disable a feature on your home screen and furthermore, you may put these widgets on your home screen with every form or style that you like.

 Some of the features which Power Control Widget gives you are:

  • Controlling WiFi
  • Apply different level of Screen brightness
  • Automated Sync
  • Auto Rotation
  • Special Sound Effects
  • Different Boot Options
  • Controlling GPS
  • Keyboard Settings

You may buy this paid application from Google Play. Download Power Control Widget from Play Store