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Android Transparent Widgets

| 7 August 2013 |
Android widgets with transparent background are the choice of so many Android users and like any other types of widgets, there are so many widgets with glass type backgrounds. Glass Widgets as its name says, provides some home screen widgets with a transparent background. These widgets are: Glass Calendar, Glass News, and Glass Clock (+ Weather).

Glass Calendar is a 4×1 transparent widget to show the upcoming events from all the calendar apps installed on your device. The widget is divided to 2 left and right panels which show different information. Tap the upper left corner of the widget to open the preferences. You can set to show or hide one or both panels, select an app to launch when tapping the left hand panel, select the calendars to include in the widget, change update interval from every half hour to once a day (To refresh manually you just need to tap the lower left corner), and change the time & date formats.

Glass News is another 4×1 glass widget which shows the latest feeds of your favorite RSS feeds or some predefined news sources and feeds. open the news preferences, to select the news feed to show, select the level of details to show (headlines, content, or both), set the update interval to fetch news, and set an interval for auto scrolling through the news (To manually see other news, you need to tap the left side and right side of the widget to see the previous and next news).  Tapping the label of the News source takes you to the full story of the news on the source website.


Glass Clock is actually both an Android clock widget and an Android weather widget. World weather online is the source of weather forecasting feature, and you get to know about the weather condition for today and the next 2 days of your current location (determined automatically by the geolocation feature) or any other entered locations. you can also specify which application to open, when tapping both left and right panels. In the pro version of Glass widgets you have more options like: Show weather and clock, Show date and clock, Show alarm and clock, Show clock only.  By the way, analog clock is really missing in the features.

The Glass All-In-One Widget feature all the mentioned widgets in a 4×3 widget.

Glass Widgets in General, is a simple and beautiful Android widget which its main advantages is its transparent background.  The news, clock, and weather widgets are really useful, but you shouldn’t expect much from the calendar widget. There was no issue when testing the widget, but to start using the widget, we had to restart the phone after the installation. If you are a fan of transparent widgets, then Glass Widgets does meet your expectations for sure and the neat design of the widgets makes you like it!

Download Glass Widgets from Google Play