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Android Widget for Facebook Status Suggestions

| 11 July 2013 |
Statuses for all occasions promises one thing: It find you the best status for any occasions which has been categorized to: Funny, Love, New Year, Sad, Nice, Man, Woman, Clever, Life, Jokes and Friends statuses. What you need to do is go through the entire statuses in your favorite category and then share it on your Facebook or Twitter page or just copy it to your clipboard. Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, and Moi Mir networks are supported too. 

You can bookmark statuses, set them as favorites, or even share some new statuses and add them to the app’s collection.


The app comes with one Home Screen Widget which shows one status at a time randomly. There is refresh button to change, refresh and bring a new status on home screen (The widget itself is refreshed every 30 minutes). You can also change the category to be seen on the home screen from Setting.

To share status from home screen, do as follows:

1. Tap the status (if you are on the main app, you need to hold for about 2 seconds)

2. The status is shown in the box (The maximum allowed characters is 140)

3. Tap “[+image]” if you would like to add picture from camera or gallery

4. Tap the “Mic” icon to open Google voice recognition app and then say words instead of typing them.

5. You can also send photo status or status on image

6. The next part is to login in to your social networks, and then select the network you want to share status now

7. To go back to the list of statuses tap “List Categories”

Download Statuses for all occasions from Google Play