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Apply Your Style To Home Screen Via Buzz Custom Widget

| 10 October 2013 |

From the creator of famous Android launcher, Buzz Launcher, Buzz Custom Widget lets you create your own widgets in the matter of hour. Without getting dirty with codes and programming, this application helps you to create widgets using interactive visual editor. Easily create analog/digital clocks, date, battery and text widgets in a convenient and easy to use environment.


Buzz Custom Widget offers around 10 multi size widgets, but that doesn’t matter anymore if you are an Android 4.0+ user. You can freely resize each widget to make them fill your desired space.

When decided to create your own widgets, the application offers some default templates for a head start. We recommend to give a look to these widgets before you start creating a new one from scratch. When ready click the + button to start creating your first widget. The visual editor is indeed graphical and easy to use for novices. You can add/edit items, change background color, choose fonts, change layer orders among entities, rotate, move and décor items all from this window.

The following items are available: images, shapes (rectangle or oval), clocks (digital or analog), date and battery, leaving the weather options to be missing here. Each item has an opacity option that is used to adjust the transparency. The powerful visual editor can be used to select any item by clicking. It also enables to move/delete entities on a preview screen with a simple touch-and-drag.


When finished, you can assign a shortcut or make it open the editor upon clicking the widget.

Use these features to prove your creativity and share the masterpiece over Homepack Buzz Service when it is time (requires Buzz Launcher). Also, you can download widgets of other users via this service and apply it to your device.

TIP: Downloading Buzz Launcher will make the use of Buzz Custom Widget much easier!


Pros: Powerful & easy to use visual editor, resizable widgets, share & download widgets

Cons: Missing support for weather widgets, does not support all devices (tablets),

Unless you want to create weather widgets, we recommend to use this application as you have a powerful editor at hands in addition to hundreds of users made widgets.

Buzz Custom Widget General Features
  • Create custom widgets in less than hour
  • Resizable widgets
  • Powerful GUI
  • Interactive preview panel
  • Assign shortcuts to widgets
  • Share via Homepack Buzz Service
  • Apply other user’s widgets
  • & many more


Download Buzz Custom Widget from Google Play