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Astrid: Android ToDo List App

| 15 June 2013 |
Android ToDo List App

One of the features of Android OS as an open source OS is the variety of applications for similar tasks and functions. One of these categories is To Do List apps which you can find many options to use. Astrid is one of these apps which can also be named as one of the best To Do List Android Apps and Widgets. Astrid is kind of your personal assistant which helps you manage your daily tasks. Other than adding task lists, you are able to set reminders and use home screen widgets to make sure your task are not forgotten. Sharing features lets you share your project with your friends or colleagues, so they can all have access to the same project. You can also access to your tasks from all of your devices, by using the Sync option.
Before getting to the Astrid home screen widgets, let’s take a quick look at the main features of Astrid Tasks:

  • Access to your tasks from multiple platform
  • Backup in the cloud space
  • Reminders
  • Set priority for tasks
  • Assign tasks to other persons
  • Sharing tasks with friends and colleagues
  • Audio notes and tasks as well


Astrid comes with 2 home screen widgets,
which can be resized (for ICS and Jelly Bean which supports resizing) and are scrollable (If your launcher supports scrolling).

There are 2 widgets available for your home screen, which show your tasks, today’s activity, tasks assigned to you, uncategorized tasks. When adding the 4×2 widget size, you get to choose the Widget color and show or hide due dates and encouragements


Download Astrid from Google Play