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Battery HD: A beautiful & Accurate Android Battery App/Widget

| 2 August 2013 |

Battery HD is one of the best Android battery widget and app on Play Store. To describe the app in one sentence, we should say: Battery HD is indeed one of the most beautiful and accurate Android battery app and widget , which shows much useful information about the battery of your Android device. 
Battery HD home screen widgets are the most complete and richest feature Battery widget we have seen. Available widget sizes are: 1×1 (compact), 2×1 (horizontal), 1×2 (vertical). When adding each widget on home screen, you are asked to select the widget content, which are: Charge level, Time estimation, Hardware information, and Battery only. Hardware information includes: Battery temperature, Battery voltage, and Time since last charge. If you select Time Estimation, then you need to select one of the following actions to see how much the battery lasts doing that action continuously; Internet browsing via WiFi, Music playback, Video playback, Talk time2G/3G, Current usage, Standby, Tim to charge AC/USB, 2D/3D games, Reading, GPS navigation, LED Flashlight, VoIP Talk time WiFi, Video chat, Take photos, Record video/voice, and Online radio WiFi.

Now, you can see the information you already selected, while the background picture is showing the battery level.


Let’s see what the Battery HD application offers.

The app has 4 main pages, which show detailed information about the battery of your device. Available information is exactly the same as the features mentioned for the Battery HD widget. You can also see the battery usage, as well as voltage and temperature in some customizable charts.

If you navigate to the app’s settings, aside from the device calibration, you will see 2 other great features

Notification: If Notification is enabled you can see the battery level on the notification bar. This feature is a common feature for a battery app, but the awesome feature of Battery HD is that you can select to actions and then by dragging down the notification bar, you see how much these actions can be run on your Android device without plugging it to a charger.

Charge level alerts: When the battery power reaches a pre-defined level, the app notifies you by an alert, voice, or vibration. You can also disable the alert at night (From 23:00 to 7:00) or when the headphone is plugged and connected.

Battery HD in general provides much useful information about the battery of your device and the good point is that it provides the information accurately. The application size and the amount of using RAM are a little bit bigger than other battery widgets and apps, which is because of its many features. Battery HD is added to our MUST have Android app and widget list.


Download Battery HD from Google Play