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Battery Solo Widget for Android

| 16 August 2013 |
Battery Solo Widget is one our choices in AW Center as one of the 5 best Android Battery Widgets and in this widget review, we are going to discover more about this resizable battery widget.
The first great thing about Battery Solo widget is about its size and how lightweight it is. The resizing feature makes it possible to add the widget on home screen while it is using either a 1×1 space or the complete space of your screen.
When you tap the widget, these information about the battery of your device are shown: Battery level, Temperature (both in Centigrade, and Fahrenheit), Voltage, Plugged status, battery status (is it charging or discharging?), Technology of the battery, and the heath of your Android’s power source. 
If you tap History, the temperature and the level of the battery is shown for the past 48 hours in a graph. 
We first mentioned the amount of memory used by the widget as its first great feature. The other great feature is about notifications, which you are notified in case, the battery temperature reaches a pre-defined temperature, the battery charge is increased to a pre-defined percentage, or is decreased and discharged to a pre-defined level.  
There is no customization for the color or background of the widget, and if you are looking for a simple and accurate battery widget, then Battery Solo Widget is going to be the best choice.

Download Battery Solo Widget from Google Play