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Beautiful Widget for Home Screen

| 23 May 2013 |
Beautiful Widget for Home Screen
Beautiful Widget for Home Screen on Android phones is one of the most beautiful app and widget on Googlee Play which is almost in every list: Must Have Android widgets, Beautiful Android Widgets, Android widgets for new users,…
This app can show information about weather, battery charge level, clock, calendar, and etc,. In fact, this widget is very similar to HTC clock widget named HTC SENSE, however this widget has more features for Android users. One of its features is the ability to change clock type and its background. Therefore, you would not get tired of repetitive appearance of home screen clock. In this widget there are different graphical designs for showing weather conditions. You can select other cities in addition to your own city to see their weather conditions too. Also you can see other cities local time. There is another interesting feature named Weather Alerts which is just usable in USA. By using Weather Alerts feature you can be warned from bad weather conditions. In Android Jelly Billy version, you can see weather conditions in notification. If we want to describe Beautiful Widgets is one sentence we should say: Beautiful Widgets provide all the necessary information about Time, Weather, Battery in a highly customizable interface

Widget features:

  • Beautiful animations for showing weather conditions
  • Widget setting for other cities and countries local time
  • Weather forecasting for next 5 days
  • HD themes support
  • Different and beautiful themes for showing weather conditions and clock
  • Dedicated widget for access to gadget power control settings

If we want to name some similar widgets to Beautiful widget, we can say: HD widgets, Fancy widgets, Beautiful Live weather. You can download  Beautiful Widgets from Google Play.