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Best Android Alarm Clock Apps

| 30 April 2013 |
Android Alarm Clock

Clock is one of the most common widgets for home screens. Among these widgets and apps, alarm clock widgets are the most practical widgets which many users use them. In the following 5 alarm clock widgets are introduced.

1 Alarm Clock Xtreme

Alarm Clock Xtreme

by using this application which has been designed specially for alarm, you can easily set the clock of your Android device. The widget of this application, shows the alarm time on home screen. Set your morning alarm to slowly increase in volume and wake you up gently. You are even able to set solving a math equation as the only way to turn of the alarm Download From Google Play Alarm Clock Xtreme
Features Random Song Alarm
Shake or Math to Dismiss
Screenshots Alarm Clock Xtreme
2 Rainbow Alarm Clock Widget

Rainbow Alarm Clock Widget


just like any other Alarm clock widget, this widget can be set to ring in special times, but its interesting feature is the way to dismiss the alarm. There are three modes to do so: 1. Pressing stop button, 2. Solving a simple mathematical puzzle, 3. Solving a simple puzzle. Download From Google Play Rainbow Alarm Clock Widget
Features Rainbox Style
Solve a Puzzile to dismiss
Screenshots Rainbow Alarm Clock Widget

3 doubleTwist Alarm Clock

doubleTwist Alarm Clock


How about waking up with a Swiss Clock live wallpaper style? doubleTwist Alarm clock lets you set multiple alarm with custom reurring and alarm tones. Time, Sleep Cycle, Quick Nap, or Sunrise are the four different modes to set the alarm. Setting adjustable fade in time for alarm volume, snooze duration are the other features of this beautiful alarm clock widget Download From Google Play doubleTwist Alarm Clock
Features Swiss Clock live wallpaper
Pick optimal sleep time with Sleep Cycle
Screenshots doubleTwist Alarm Clock

4 Sleep Time - Alarm Clock

Sleep Time – Alarm Clock


Sleep Time discovers your sleep cylce by using the phone's accelerometer and wakes you up at the perfect time of your cycle sleep. The alarm goes off when your in the light cycle of sleep and it lets you have a fresh start in the morning. The app saves a history and graphs of your sleeping time to provide the best estimation of Awake Time, Light sleep time, and deep sleep time Download From Google Play Sleep Time - Alarm Clock
Features Sleep Cycle Analysis
Estimating Light & Deep Sleep Time
Screenshots Sleep Time - Alarm Clock

5 Alarm Clock Plus

Alarm Clock Plus


Alarm Clock Plus is the most popular Alarm Clock App and Widget on Play Store with over 5 million downloads. The free version of the app which supports Ads, features: unlimited alarms, volume fade-in to increase the sound slowly, math puzzles with different difficulities, Flashlight to brighten the room when the alarm goes off, and more cool features Download From Google Play Alarm Clock Plus
Features Nap Alarm Clock
FlashLight Alarm
Screenshots Alarm Clock Plus