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5 Best Android News Widget – February 2014

| 17 February 2014 |

So, we have updated our popular widget pack, Android News Widget, and in the following you can see the best 5 Android News widgets which let you follow and read your favorite news right from the home screen, either news from trusted sources or the ones you have added to your RSS Feed reader app manually.

You just need to install these News Widgets, choose the news category to follow, and the latest news in its respective categories show up on your home screen or even your lock screen

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Let’s review the best 5 Android News Widgets to get the latest news on your home screen:

1. BBC News
There is no need to discuss about how trusted and leading BBC News is. The BBC News official Android app provides the full access to latest news from all around the globe, as well as breaking news (with push notification option), the option to watch the BBC News channel and many more.

01-Android-News Widget-BBC-News

BBC News offers 4 different resizable home screen widgets, which show the latest stories in your favorite news categories, and you may choose to view just the title or the picture along with the title. BBC News List Widget is a scrollable Android news widget which is indeed one of the best news widgets with the option to scroll between latest news.


2. gReader Pro | Feedly | News
The name reveals everything about the app’s functionality. gReader is one of the best Google Reader (R.I.P) alternatives with the option to sync with your Google Reader and Feedly subscriptions, and it is a RSS Feed reader.

The gReader Pro offers 3 scrollable home screen widgets, with the option to show article headlines for a certain resource, to show a list of article headlines with the option to scroll between them, and to show the number of unread articles for a specific feed/folder/tag (there is a 1×1 widget for this purpose).


There are also so many customizations, and if you prefer to manually add your favorite RSS Feeds and follow certain resources, then the news widgets you can find on the Pro version of gReader is what you need.

gReader Pro widgets also support the lock screen, and you can easily follow your favorite news right from the lock screen.


3. Simple RSS Widget
This is one of the best and easiest to use Android news widget on the market, which is scrollable, resizable and supports the lock screen widgets too.


Add the Simple RSS widget to your home screen, add the RSS feeds you want to follow in the news widget (it supports Feedly account), customize the look and appearance (including text style, size, color, show/hide images, and transparency), specify the update interval and number of items per feed, and enjoy reading your favorite news on the home screen of your device.

Simple RSS Widget is surprisingly free with no ads.


4. NYTimes
NYTimes is our favorite news source, and if you have a digital NYTimes subscription, then there is no reason to try another Android news widget as NYTimes offers a neat and solid news widget with a smooth scrolling experience through the latest news in your favorite sections.

04-Android-News Widget-NYTimes

If you haven’t tried the NYTimes yet, the good news is you can have a free trial for one week with no limitations.


5. Pure news widget (scrollable)


This is another Android news widget which shows the latest news updates from your favorite RSS Feeds. Pure news widget is compatible with your Feedly account, and supports scrolling. This is a lightweight news reader with so many available customizations and personalization, including transparent skin, show news thumbnails and local cache of articles.


Note that based on the version of Android and the launcher you are using, some features like resizing the widget and scrolling may not work properly.

Like always, there are so many other Android news widgets on the Play Store, including Flipboard and CNN App for Android Phones, and your suggestions for other functional and well-designed Android News Widgets are mostly welcomed in the comments.