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Best Widgets for HTC One

| 26 May 2013 |
Best Widgets for HTC One

HTC One with its beautiful 5 inches HD display, deserves some best widgets on its home screen. here we show you 5 best widgets for HTC One in these categories: Clock & Weather, Power Controls, Note Taking, Data Usage Management, and Social Network. Let us know what are the first Android widgets installed on your HTC One in Official AW Center Facebook page.


1 Beautiful Widgets

Beautiful Widgets


I don't think you can find a widget list which Beautiful Widgets is not on the top of it. Beautiful Widgets bring you so many Clock and Weather widgets with tones of styles, skins, themes and ultimate customization. The company recently introduced the free version of the app which supports in-app purchase. Beautiful Widgets is going to make your HTC One screen more beautiful. Regarding the weather conditions if you don't find Beautiful Widgets complete enough, you may want to check AccuWeather
Download From Google Play Download Beautiful Widgets
Features Tons of Themes & Widgets
Clock & Weather Widgets
Screenshots Beautiful Widgets

2 Power Toggles

Power Toggles


Power Toggles, literally toggles the entire Android settings On or Off. This widget is surprisingly available for free and contain more than 40 toggles. You also get to choose different colors, themes and icons for each toggles. Another great feature of this Android widget is the support of lock screen widget on Android Jelly Bean 4.2 and it also supports notification widgets. Power Toggles is for those who do not like wasting their time looking in menus to find where to change some system settings
Download From Google Play Download Power Toggles
Features Quick Access to system settings
Supports Jelly Bean Lock screen Widgets
Screenshots Power Toggles

3 BatteryLife

ColorNote Notepad Notes


You may be surprised for not seeing Google Keep for note taking category but Color Note is going to be more fun. Trust us! Color Note lets you create Notes, ToDo list, task list, shopping list and more in a very simple and beautiful interface. You can also stick the notes on the home screen, change color, set password for security reasons, set reminders with alarm, sync note between your phones and tablets, and share them via Text messages, Email or Twitter. The simple interface with customization features make you remember everything. Download From Google Play Download ColorNote Notepad Notes To Do
Features Online Backup and Sync
Sticky Notes Widget
Screenshots ColorNote Notepad Notes To Do

4 Onavo Count

Onave Count | Monitor Data


Forget about exceeding data usage on a limited data plan by installing Onavo Count. It monitors you data usage and track each application usage in the period of time. you can set a data plan on the app and easily manage your consumed and remained data according to your data. It is one of the most precise data counter app on Google Play Download From Google Play Download Onavo Count
Features App Watch, Data Progress
Live Data Check
Screenshots Onavo Count

5 Pure messenger widget

Pure messenger widget


In social network category, everyone is looking for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, The good news is the official Android app for the mentioned networks is available on Google Play. But Pure messenger widget is a powerful aggregate for Emails, SMS, MMS, Calls, Facebook and Twitter which enables you to get a hold of most of your social networks at a glance on your Home Screen. It is also a scrollable widgets (If your launcher supports it) and provides you many transparent skins Download From Google Play Download Pure messenger widget
Features Aggregates your social life
Transparent widgets
Screenshots Pure messenger widget