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Best Widgets for Xperia Z

| 27 May 2013 |
Best Widgets for Xperia Z

Android Widgets provide quick access to system settings, apps and more. Sony Xperia Z comes with Android Jelly Bean and for sure there are some best widgets for Xperia Z on Play Store. Note that we’ve already reviewed some best widgets for HTC One and here we are going to introduce some new ones! So you can enjoy more Android widgets on your Sony’s flagship.


1 HD Widgets

HD Widgets


HD Widgets is a coplete All-in-One Android widgets which lets you have Clock, Weather, Weather conditions and power control toggles all on your home screen. It also provide you fully customizable user interface with stunning skins, themes and add-ones. You also get to have a multi location weather screen as well as local date & time in weather screen. Try this piad widget and you are going to love it Download From Google Play Download HD Widgets
Features Time, Date, Weather, Toggles
Ultimate Customization
Screenshots HD Widgets

2 AccuWeather



Well, you are not satisfied with the weather widgets availbale on HD Widgets? and you need some widgets specifically for weather? If so, AccuWeather is definitely your choice. It shows the current temprature, graphical weather status and a 2 day forecast on your Xperia Z home screen. As we mentioned in the best android weather apps, the lifestyle forecast helps you find out if the weather is suitable for a social activity like; outdoor fitness, Travel, Fishing, Game and more. Download From Google Play Download AccuWeather
Features Specific Health Concerns
Precise forecasts
Screenshots AccuWeather

3 Evernote Widget

Evernote Widget


Evernote is one of the popular note taking apps and widgets on Google Play. You can easily create text note, audio or snapshots and find them later according to the names or tags and share them. In the HTC One Widgets, we suggested Color Note and Google Keep! Since they are all free, why don't you try them all and find out which one is the best for you? Download From Google Play Download Evernote Widget
Features Text, Snapshot or Audio Notes
Two Widget Options
Screenshots Evernote Widget

4 Pulse News

Pulse News


What is the best new reader for Xperia Z? Since Googe is shutting down its RSS Reader service, it is hard to answer the question! But we suggest Pulse News as your default RSS News reader feeds. You just need to choose your favorite news sources and easy scroll through the news and headlines. Another good feature of Pulse News is the ability to inform you about the latest changes in your Facebook and Twitter account Download From Google Play Download Pulse News
Features Follow just your Favorite News
Simple to use
Screenshots Pulse News



It may seem alittle bit odd to see a Dictionary widget on the list of Best widgets for Xperia Z, but trust us! it is worth to have it on home screen. The widget is supported by teh famous dictionary data base and shows you the result in blink of an eye! What you need is either type or speak what you don't know! leave the rest to Download From Google Play Download
Features Access Dictionary & Thesaurus
Speak or Text input