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Bloomberg for Android

| 30 June 2013 |

Bloomberg is one of the most reliable and up to date sources for world news especially finance and business news. Bloomberg Android app and widget has been released in two versions for smartphones and tablets and brings the latest news, market data and latest quotes to your Android device. On the app, other than the latest worldwide news you get to check Equity indices, Commodities, Bonds, Currencies, and Equity Index Futures. You can also create your portfolio by adding stocks and see how much their prices have changed.


Bloomberg for Smartphones Features:

  • Latest Worldwide news
  • Latest quotes for different markets like: commodities, futures, currencies
  • Charts and Graphs for stock price
  • Create your portfolio
  • Related news to every stock
  • 2 Home screen widgets
  • Optimized for both tablets and phone
  • Changing font and color of the news for better reading experience


There are 2 home screen widgets available after installing Bloomberg. Once you add the 4×1 widget, you are asked to add either News widget or My Stocks widget.

News Widget shows the headline of latest news on your home screen, and you can move between news by tapping those 2 keys at the right and left. Tapping each news takes you to the full story.

My Stock Widget shows you some info about your stocks. Info like: Price graph, the high, current, and low price of your stock. You can scroll between your stocks by tapping the left and right of the home screen widgets. You can add stocks to your portfolio (My Stocks) by doing as follows:


  1. Open the app, tap “Menu” and select “My Stocks”
  2. Tap the Gear Icon on the top right
  3. Hit “Add” button on the top left and start searching your stocks

Download Bloomberg for Android from Google Play