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Business Time Zones Widget: Great Concept, Intuitive Design

| 21 January 2014 |

Business Time Zones Widget is an intuitive time zone tracking application for Android. Using its brilliant creative interface, it is possible to see the overlapping business hours for different time zones at a quick glance. The developer mentions the app has been designed for those who have globally distributed teams, but it’s also useful for people who are cooperating with clients, firms, etc all around the world. from abroad or for someone who travels a lot or for those who have a family member in some different time zone.


What does Business Time Zones offer?

The application offers two homescreen widgets. A small 2×2 and a non-resizable 4×4.

Using circular color bars, the small widget displays only the Best Meeting Times. For example the section with a red color displays the highest overlapping of time zones (to determine best meeting and collaboration times).

For the second widget, Business Time Zones uses nested circle shapes “to coordinate working hours between globally distributed teams”. Each of these nested circles corresponds to a time zone within which the outer most, displays your local time. To make the visual better and make your homescreen more beautiful and also to make it easier to find working hours, every each of these circles owns its specific color.


Unlike our usual analog clocks, the passage of time in this widget is counter-clockwise. The big arrow marker at the top indicates the current time in all time zones.

Thanks to the technique of circles, Business Time Zones can display the past and upcoming hours as well as the time a time zone enters the next day. Since a semicircular movement from the arrow marker makes 12 hours, it means the widget shows overlapping business hours for the past and upcoming 12 hours.


Using the big widget, it is possible to track 5 time zones at the same time. The time zone list includes the major cities (i.e. capitals) and not all the cities (i.e. not all the cities of countries which have multiple time zones are listed).

The application also features a reminder to alert you of when a time zone is in business time.


Pros & Cons:

Cons: the widgets are not resizable so that means tablets are not supported, it could have supported more cities.

Pros: Simple, convenient and beautiful. It is battery optimized, only updates when phone is awake.


Business Time Zones Widget General Features:

  • Intuitive Time Zone Tracking Application
  • 2 multi-size home screen widgets
  • Find out overlapping business hours in different time zones
  • See the time a time zone enters the next day
  • Support for 12 upcoming & past hours
  • Battery optimized
  • Best Meeting Times

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