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Camera360 Ultimate: Capturing And Editing Photos Has Never Been Easier!

| 6 March 2014 |
Camera360 ultimate
If you are looking for an application to take fine quality photos and edit and share them onto social networks, we have to announce that the popular Camera360 Ultimate application for android has released a new version: The Camera360 v5.0! 


Free Cameras: In the new 5.0 version, you will receive 8 free cameras, in which 4 of them are pre-installed. Effect Cam, Selfie Cam, Easy Cam, Scene Cam, Funny Cam, Tilt-shift Cam, Color-shift Cam and Audio Cam all for free now! You can easily customize your own Camera360 by deleting the cameras you don’t like and adding in your favorites!

So many new FREE effects: There are over 100 effects available in Camera360 that you can use to give your photos the sense you like, and they work as plug-ins for the application. You can also delete and manage your favorite effects. Be sure to check out the new affects added in the v5.0!

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It has a user-friendly photo album: The problem with photo editing applications is always the confusion of where to look for what you need. But here in the Camera360 v5.0, the user-friendly photo album doesn’t get you lost anymore. 

Photo Edit: You think you have chosen the wrong filter for your photo? No worries. You can always go back and edit your photos anytime you wish!

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Sharing: Sharing is one of the most important features an application MUST have. The more remote our lives get, the more we need to connect with others. Camera360 v5.0 lets you share your photos through popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, WeChat and more.

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