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Cash Counter Widget Tells You How Much Money You’ve Earned So Far

| 6 October 2013 |

Ever wanted to know how much money you made since the beginning of the day? Or how much money you’re making while surfing the internet at work? Well, you can take your calculator out and start counting or you can try a better solution. Cash Counter is an Android widget that tells you exactly how much money you made by the second, minute and hour past. This little cool widget lays out on your Home Screen and counts up your incoming money during your work hours. Simply enter your wage and hours and sit back and watch your money count up.


Cash Counter offers a small 2×1 home screen widget with the design of an analog hand tally counter. The Cash Counter configuration window lets you enter your work hours in the week within an easy to understand but not so stylish GUI. Then you should set your hourly wage or if you don’t know exactly how much it is, use the calculator provided with the app to find out from your weekly wage. From the Customizations and Options section specify your desired widget interface: Text only, Rotating Counter (default) and Digital Counter. You can even choose your region’s currency, disable/enable background, hide/show texts and choose to update every second. Counting starts as soon as you click save and working hours starts.


From the manual tab, you can manually start, stop or even reset the counter any time regardless of whether it is working hours or not (useful for overtime shifts).

Note that this application is made to have fun counting your instant incoming, this is not an accounting software nor a financial adviser. Use it when you are bored at work or whenever you are in a boring meeting to give yourself a motivation.


Pros: Nice idea, Counts instant incomings even in seconds, Count automatically or manually

Cons: Could use better user interface and more customization, widget does not work on some devices


Cash Counter Widget General Features

  • 2×1 homescreen widget
  • Notification icon
  • Count automatically or manually
  • Support for custom currency
  • 3 selectable widget themes


Download Cash Counter Widget from Google Play