Lastet Review

Change Android Background Automatically with Wallpaper Changer

| 7 September 2013 |
Wallpaper Changer makes changing Android background more fun. You can either let the app change Android background automatically at the given interval or tap on the home screen widget and change the wallpaper manually. When you add the widget to home screen, you are asked to select the Tap On Action which can be: Next Wallpaper, Select Wallpaper, or Next Album. You can also replace the widget icon with a picture from gallery or use a widget text with configurable color instead of the widget icon.

Now you see a 1×1 widget on your homes screen and tapping it, does the specified action in the settings. It changes the wallpapers with no noticeable delays or lags. If you choose “Select Wallpaper” as the tap on action, then the list of pictures on that album are shown in thumbnail view and you just need to tap your favorite picture to be set as the new wallpaper of your device.

In the application settings, you can enable changing wallpaper automatically, and provide a predefine period of time to change wallpaper (for example every 1 minute). If you own the free version, you can only create 1 album (default album), but premium users have no limitations and they can add different photo albums based on their different moods and conditions. You can either add single image (or cropped image) or the entire pictures of one folder to an album. Rotation List lets you specify which albums the app should go through to show pictures, and enabling Random Order is for those who would like to be surprised by seeing random pictures on their device.


Since Wallpaper Changer is a lightweight and battery friendly application, which functions very well at what it is expected to do, we recommend it to those who would like to see a new wallpaper every time they look at their device (The minimum time of changing wallpaper is 60 seconds).

Our preferred settings is enabling the random mode, and adding the home screen widget and just tap the 1×1 icon to change the wallpaper whenever we want.

Download Wallpaper Changer from Google Play