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ColorNote: Android Taking Note Widget

| 10 June 2013 |
Android Easy Note Taking App

ColorNote is one of the simplest yet best Android note taking apps and widgets. You can easily create notes, to do list, shopping list, and check list. You also get to manage the tasks by assigning different colors to them and stick some of them on your home screen. This application also lets you set reminders for the tasks, search, sync data, and set passwords. The sticky note widgets are to stick notes with different colors on your home screen to make sure you never forget your tasks.

When you go to your widget list, you can see these 3 widgets: ColorNote Sticky 2×2, ColorNote Sticky 1×1 ColorNote Today 2×2. Then you are asked whether to add Note, or Checklist and you can add your notes or list. You also have access to these features, by pressing Menu button while modifying the note: Changing color, Lock, Revert, set Reminder, Send, Archive, Delete

Take Note on Android 

ColorNote Notepad Notes Main Features

  • Assigning different colors to notes
  • Sticky home screen widgets
  • Check list
  • Adding tasks in the calendar
  • Setting password to protect notes
  • Online backup and sync
  • Search notes

Download ColorNote from Google Play