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Count Your Unread Emails in Gmail for Android (Update)

| 8 February 2014 |
How do you keep track of unread emails in your Gmail account on your Android phone or tablet? Let’s go one step further and ask: How do you count unread emails in different tabs, labels and folder separately in each of your Gmail accounts? One way is to open the Gmail application for Android, and then count each folder individually, and one other way is to download and install Gmail Unread Counter, add home screen widgets for different folder, tabs, or labels, and see the number of unread emails in different email types (Inbox, Sent, Spam, Priority Inbox).
The free version of Gmail Unread widgets lets you only add Inbox counter on your home screen, but the paid version has no limitation in adding different categories in your Gmail account (Multiple Gmail accounts is supported in both versions). 
When adding the widget, you first need to select folder/tab/label, then select an icon, and finally write a name to display.


Gmail Unread Counter is very clean and well designed and it is really a Must Have Widget on your home screen, if your emails are very important to you. 
As the developers specified in the widget description, the update interval time is every 3 minutes when the screen is on, and 30 minutes when the screen is off. What we would like to see in the next updates is the ability to select the update time manually, and everyone could decide weather battery usage is important to them or the fast refresh time.

It seems Google has removed the “Gmail Unread Counter” app from Google Play Store due to violating Google’s policy and the developers have already released another application with the same functionality (and even more), called Unread Gmail Badge, which supports multiple Gmail accounts and the option to select different labels, tabs and folders.


So, if your emails are still important to you and you are looking for a home screen widget which supports multiple Gmial accounts and shows you the number of unread emails in different labels and tabs as soon as Gmail app updates itself, then Unread Gmail Badge is your first and so far the best answer.