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Currency Converter Android App & Widget

| 28 July 2013 |

This Android widget review is about Currency Converter Android Widgets and Apps. Like any other app type, you can find many apps and widgets which help you convert currencies to each other. Some of them come with a home screen widget, some of them provide you a graph to show the fluctuation of currencies rates, and some are simple but practical

Currency Converter is a simple but practical Android app which comes with a home screen widget too. It just converts currencies based on an up to date rates. It supports about 190 currencies for different countries all around the world and has been sorted in 2 tabs: Favorites, All currencies. It is disappointing that there is no search bar and you have to go through the entire 190 currencies to find the currency you are looking for. We also couldn’t find a logical explanation for adding currencies to the Favorites tab, but we think it is supposed to show your 10 last used currencies. It also lacks the option to delete favorites and you have to have 10 favorite currencies.

After choosing the 2 currencies to convert, the conversion is started as soon as you type the amount. You can swap the currencies if you want. Choosing a Commission Rate is a very useful feature on Currency Converter, but it is limited to some default rates (Interbank Rate, Typical ATM Rate, Typical Credit Card Rate, and Typical Kiosk Rate) and you don’t get to set the commission rate that you are actually dealing with.


There is 1 home screen widget for Currency Converter, which is actually very clever and we kind of liked it. After adding 2 currencies, and tapping “Set Widget” button, a table of currency conversion is created which includes 7 rows (For USD is starts from $1 to $7). You can tap the widget to see currency rate conversions with greater amounts.


Currency Converter has been designed very user friendly with a few useful features and if you are not looking for some professional currency converter Android apps and widgets, with some graphs, or some financial news, and don’t mind about the issues mentioned, then this is one of the best choices available. Currency Converter is simple, easy to use, neat and most importantly it covers most of the currencies.  


Download Currency Converter from Google Play