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Cute Widget Pack is for Those Who Love Android Hello Kitty Theme

| 11 October 2013 |

Cute Widget Pack is a pink colored pack of widgets for Android which is suitable for those who love Android Hello Kitty theme and looking for some cute icons in pink. Cute Widget Pack provides more than 10 full functional widgets to make your home screen not only more applicable, but prettier. From the lovely  light bulb screen brightness widget to TV weather forecast that displays the current weather condition, can be added to home screen via this widget pack.


The biggest widget size belongs to weather and clock widgets which fill a space of 2×2. The remaining widgets occupy a very small space: 1×1.

To be more specific. the package covers the following items: Cute Kitty Clock Widget, TV Weather Forecast Widget, Cute Battery Widget, Tiny Calendar Widget, Light Bulb Screen Brightness Widget, Toggle Widgets: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, data, sound, rotate, camera, gallery and contacts.


Everything is easy, drag the desired widget to homescreen, no customization to set, no settings to configure.

The battery widget displays the remaining charge using both shapes and digits. There are four hearts indicating the battery is full. The number of hearts decrease as the battery charge gets lower. Clicking the widget opens the Battery section in the system settings.

The clock widget seems to be a little messy on tablets (the clock is a little out of place).

Use the rotation toggle widget to manually rotate the screen without turning your phone. Unfortunately it only works when the screen is in portrait mode.

The brightness widget increases screen brightness by clicking. Each time you click the widget, the light bulb gets bigger and the shape changes.

The calendar widget displays the current day in month and day of week. Clicking it will open default system Calendar application.

Use the 1×1 contact widget to quickly access your contacts.

The 2×2 weather widget shows the current temperature and weather condition in a little cute TV. Unfortunately this widget, like all other ones, is not configurable.

The only thing this application is missing – and the one thing that is really annoying – is the lack of customization options.

The application has also some features that is available in PRO version: hourly or custom reminders, notification bar battery status and extended weather forecast.


Pros: Full functional widgets

Cons: Lack of customizations, messy clock widget (on tablets)


Cute Widget Pack General Features:
  • 13 multi size widgets
  • Cute & colorful
  • Fully functional
  • Clock Widget Hourly Reminders
  • Customizable Reminder Schedule


Download Cute Widget Pack from Google Play