Lastet Review

Desk Note: A Simple Android Note App & Widget

| 17 August 2013 |
Finding a TO DO list and note taking application for your device is really hard, due to its huge availability on Play Store with different features. We have already reviewed the 5 best Android apps to take notes as well as some other separate reviews like EverNote and Google Keep.

These mentioned Note Taking widgets and apps had one thing in common: They were all rich in features like: syncing options, many customizations for both background and the text, check list, share notes, add audio notes, and more. But today’s AW Center widget review is all about simplicity. Desk Note is one of the simplest Note Taking Android widget we have used and its lightweight size is very useful for those with limited storage. Desk Note offers 3 home screen widgets with different sizes. Available sizes are: Note Big (3×3), Note Medium (2×2), and Note Small (2×1). When you add each of these widgets to your home screen, you can only change the text’s font and nothing else. The text color is fixed to black and yellow is the only choice as the background color. When you finished typing your notes, you tap OK and your note is ready. You can also modify the notes by tapping the widget.

Desk Note is really useful as a reminder note which it actually functions as a sticky note. If you are tired of apps with so many features, you may not even be aware of some, then Desk Note is really going to make you satisfied.

Download Desk Note from Google Play