Lastet Review Android Dictionary Widget and App

| 1 July 2013 | is one of the most trusted references available on the internet. This powerful English to English dictionary has released an Android app and widget which gives you quick access to both and data bases. What you need is an internet connection and a word to look up. Once you search a word, you see the definition and synonyms for that word as well as an Audio pronunciation, and the origin of the word.  These synonyms are very helpful especially for those who are looking for a way to expend their vocabulary. You can also mark words as favorite and have access to them from “Favorites” section of the app.

“Word of the day” is another great feature of Dictionary.Com. It shows you a word every day and you can also access the archive of these words from the app. The other daily contents are Slideshows, and the Hot Word. main features:

  • Instant access to Dictionary and Thesaurus
  • Definitions and Synonyms
  • Word of the day
  • Home Screen widget
  • Mark words as favorite
  • Show phonetics and audio pronunciations


The Home Screen widget for has a 4×2 size and does 2 tasks: Search bar for looking up words and Word of the day. You can either type the words you are looking for, or use your voice. The spelling suggestion helps you find the word you are looking for easier. Once you find the Word, first you need to specify if you want to look up the word in Dictionary or Thesaurus, and then you should tap the word to see the definitions, and the synonyms for searched word.

Word of the day just shows some synonyms and you need to tap it to see the detailed definition.

We found this Android Dictionary Widget very useful and it is indeed a must have widget for Android, and one of the best free Android widgets.

If you have problem in being connected to internet for any reason, you may want to see: Best Android offline dictionary

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