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Digi Clock Widget for Android

| 15 August 2013 |
Clock Widgets are without any doubt the most popular home screen widgets for Android and their main task, other than showing time (and date) is to make your home screen beautiful. Digi Clock Widget are one of those clock widgets which does its best to provide as many customization as possible to make sure you are going to make a beautiful clock widget with available tools, which goes with other widgets and background of your home screen. 
The widget comes in different sizes for different devices and the resizable option brings more flexibility. 

Let’s see what features and customization you face when installing the clock widget:

  • Show or Hide seconds 
  • Change time and date font, color, transparency, and add shadows, and outlines
  • Enable or disable dates on the widget
  • Select a background from Gallery
  • Scale or rotate widget, Resize time, date, and AM/PM
  • Choose action when widget is tapped

Digi Clock Widget is an awesome widget with so many customization. Speaking of extent of available customization and professionalization, you can even select the delimiter between hours and minutes, and as you go through the menu you can change spread, horizanrtal offset, and vertical offset of the shadow.
Frankly it really deserves to be named as one of our 10 Best Android Clock Widgets.

Download Digi Clock Widget from Google Play